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Amy - Siamese Cat and Friend Killed in St Petersburg FL

About Amy - My cat
About Amy and her Life.

Pictures of Amy
Fortunately We Have Lots. Here Are A Few.

Killers Description
Black, in His Early to Mid 20s by now. Skinny, Shirtless at the Time, With a Dachshund.

Comments From The Public
Many people Have Had Kind Words to say about this incident and Amy.

Cat Death Investigation Blog
Follow the Us and the St Peterburg Police Department in tracking down the Killer. So far, They haven't Put In much effort or had any results.

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Amy - Siamese Cat

Amy Siamese Cat in Bag and Box

REWARD : Now up to $4500

This is one last ditch effort to find Amy's killer before the statute of limitations expires. The tack we are taking is to expose St Petersburg's dirty little secret: that crime is rampant and out of control in the city. That can affect the city's ability to attract investment, residents and visitors. This is a language which America understands. Money.

Please visit, link to, and publish this page wherever you can. Contact the St Petersburg Police Department and the Mayor, Bill Foster, and let them know that St Petersburg will never see a cent of your money while this crime is unsolved.

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See the April 2009 press release to commemorate the anniversary of the assault in St Petersburg, FL.

It is one month to go before the statute of limitations expires. The people of St Petersburg have failed to do their civic duty and the St Petersburg Police Department has failed to do their sworn and paid duty.

The suspect is described as:

  • a black male in his late teens or early 20s,
  • 6 feet tall,
  • thin build,
  • short hair,
  • no shirt,
  • walking a Dachshund, on a leash.
  • carrying a long stick, probably the handle from a shovel or rake. This was the implement that he used to beat Amy with.

He was last seen walking South on 23rd St N between Burlington Ave N and 2nd Ave N.

Crucial in identifying him is that he has a dachshund, sometimes known as a weiner dog or sausage dog. Here is a picture of such a dog if you are not sure what one looks like:


This is critical as it is unusual here for a person of this demographic group. If you know someone who owns or walks such a dog, who matches the description then contact us, or contact the St Petersburg Police Department on (727) 893-7780. The Police Report Number is 2008-021038 .

Cat Death Investigation Blog
Follow the process that we and the St Peterburg police follow in tracking down the Killer.

Animal cruelty at its worst was demonstrated in a quiet suburban neighborhood when a family pet was beaten with a stick just after noon on Saturday, April 12. A Siamese cat who loved to sit in the sun was confronted by a monster, who while cruel enough to beat her, was not competent enough to finish the job. She suffered until dying the next day.

Amy, was beaten by a person unknown outside our house at the corner of Burlington Ave N and 23rd St N in St Petersburg, Florida.

The prognosis was not good. During the night she went into cardiac arrest, was revived and was breathing only with the assistance of a hand pump. At just after 7:30 AM on Sunday, April 13, I authorized the vet to euthanize her.

A tipster called 911 and was routed through to Pinellas County Animal Services to report the beating, but by the time their patrol unit arrived I had found Amy and taken her to the animal hospital.

The tipster was later identified by SPPD and provided the above information.

Despite the $2000 plus veterinary bill from the vain attempt to keep Amy alive, there is a reward of $500 to anyone who supplies information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.

Several other organizations and individuals have also offered matching or additional rewards totalling over $800:

Print Quickness of Largo is offering $500; Trina Adams is offering $200; Marcel White of Tampa, FL is offering $25; Brad of Edmonton, Alberta is offering $100. The Humane Society of Pinellas County is also offering $500. Alan Lucas of Moon Under Water in St Petersburg, FL offers $100. Humane Society of the United States, $2500.

Arrangements for your confidentiality can be made.

Contact Us with any information.

It was Amy on Saturday, it could be your pet by the middle of this week, and it could be someone's child by next week. Since the killing, crime in South St Petersburg has grown out of control.

Contact Us now with any information that may allow the guilty man to be apprehended before he causes any more harm. This cowardly individual may pick on a 11 year old, 9 pound cat today, but what other helpless victims will be next?

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